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Name: FIFA World Cup: Fans in Qatar won
Doha: Fans will not be allowed to watch matches wearing short dresses (shoulders open or above the knees) during the FIFA Football World Cup starting in Qatar.


According to a foreign news agency report, under Muslim laws in the country, fans can also be fined or jailed for wearing short dresses during the World Cup.

During the World Cup, football fans take different forms to support their teams, while some people come to watch the match wearing short clothes, but in Qatar, wearing such cups in public is prohibited.

Non-Qatari women are not expected to follow the country's strict Muslim dress code and wear abayas but must cover their shoulders and knees.

On the other hand, Qatar and the FIFA Organizing Committee have signed an agreement under which drinking will also be allowed in some tourist areas.

Similarly, fans can be fined up to £2,400 for throwing garbage during the tournament.
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