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Name: How to polish and clean your amber jewellery at home
Amber jewelry is very beautiful, but this is also delicate and fragile. Over time they can become covered with sebum and dirt that make them dull. The methods described in this article allow you to return them to their former glory without damaging them.


1, Clean the Amber with a Damp Cloth

1, Prepare a basin of soapy water. Use warm water and add a few drops of liquid soap. Mix the solution just enough to mix the ingredients, but without creating too much foam.
• Use a neutral liquid soap, such as hand or dish soap. Avoid aggressive detergents that can damage this material.

2, Get yourself a soft, clean cloth. Microfiber or flannel are perfect fabrics. Dip it in soapy water and squeeze it so that it does not drip; The cloth must be wet but not soaked.

3, Rub the jewel with the rag to remove any residue. Dry the amber immediately with another dry cloth.
• If you are cleaning more than one piece, wash and dry each element separately; Do not let the amber remain wet for a long time, otherwise it may become opaque.

4, Polish the jewel with olive oil. In this way you not only remove traces of grease but also polish the amber. Apply a small drop of oil on your hands and rub it on the amber. Dry it immediately with a soft, dry cloth.
• If you don't have olive oil, you can use almond oil.

2, Cleaning Amber Jewelry with a Silver Polishing Cloth

1, Buy a specific cloth to polish silver. You can find it in craft shops among the shelves dedicated to costume jewelry, or at a retailer of supplies for jewelers. Alternatively, buy it online. Choose a model that has both a dark and a light side. The light part is used to eliminate surface dirt and oxidation, and the dark part is to polish amber.

2, Rub the jewel with the light side of the polishing cloth. If the jewelry contains silver elements, you should notice black burrs on the cloth. It is oxide and indicates that the jewel is being cleaned. Keep rubbing until there are no more black traces on the cloth or until the amber seems clean.

3, Polish the element with the dark side of the cloth. Rub them on the resin with rapid circular movements. Continue until the jewel is shiny, clean, and shines like new.

3, Cleaning an Amber Necklace with Soapy Water

1, Be very careful with this method. There are many contradictory opinions regarding water and amber. Some jewelers suggest using soap and water to clean this material, while others strongly advise against it.
• If the piece is particularly dirty and you want to try this technique, you should do a test on a little visible point of the jewel or on a pearl that is located on the back of the necklace.

2, Prepare two basins with warm water. They should be large enough to hold the item you want to clean. One will be used to wash amber, the other to rinse it.

3, Add a few drops of neutral liquid soap inside one of the two containers. Stir to combine the ingredients, but not to the point of foaming.
• If you don't have liquid soap, you can use dish soap, but avoid harsh detergents like dishwasher soaps. If it is a substance that you would not get your hands on, do not use it.

4, Put the necklace in the basin with soap and water. Rub them gently with your fingers to remove dust and dirt.
• If there is dirt between the pearls, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush to reach these points. Just rub it on the cracks and carvings until all the dust is gone. Apply gentle pressure and do not rub vigorously, otherwise, you can scratch the amber.
• Do not pull the beads so as not to break the string.
• Do not let amber soak for long periods. Excessive exposure to water, especially hot water, damages the material making it opaque.

5, Rinse the necklace in water. Immerse it in the bowl of clean water and move it inside to remove excess soap.

6, Dry the jewel immediately with a soft cloth. You can use any soft fabric such as microfiber or flannel. Also, in this case, remember not to pull the beads or "wrinkle" the necklace, to avoid damaging it. Do not just remove the amber from the water and wait for it to dry on its own, otherwise, it will become dull.

7, Polish the piece with olive oil. Do not pour it directly on the necklace, but drop a few drops on the palm of your hand. Rub the amber in your hands to restore it to its original splendor. Remove excess oil with a soft cloth.
• If you do not have olive oil you can use another light one, such as almond oil.


• If the amber jewelry is not visibly dirty, you can easily polish it with olive or almond oil bringing them back to its former glory.
• To avoid sebum buildup, clean the jewelry after wearing it.
• Follow these rules to keep amber jewelry in top condition and to keep it clean for a long time:
• Do not bathe and do not go swimming while wearing them;
• Do not hurry up household chores while bringing amber jewelry (housekeeping, laundry, and dishwashing included);
• Keep the jewelry in a fabric bag, separated from other precious objects;
• Spray the lacquer and perfume before wearing them;
• Do not expose amber to direct sunlight.

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