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When the skin of the face becomes sensitive, it is necessary to strictly follow these rules: before going to sleep, be sure to completely clean the face of makeup. cosmetics used for the face should be of high quality and non-allergenic, tested against allergies, and alcohol-free.


* Do not wash affected skin with tap water. It is necessary to use specially softened, various infusions, at least boiled and cooled water. Water can also be softened at home. 1 teaspoon of baking soda is added to 1 liter of water.

* Face creams should not contain citrus fruits, essential oils, and scented oil components. Because these tools can increase the allergic nature of the face.

* Scrubs and film masks are not possible for sensitive skin. also, sprays, tonics, and creams made from calendula, rosemary, and sandal oils are also not recommended.

* Night cream must contain natural oils. They keep the moisture on the face and soothe the skin.

* If you want the skin of your face and body not to lose its beauty, at least once a week apply a mask of vitamin vegetables on your face.
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