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  There is no ugly woman in the world, there are only those who do not know how to be beautiful. Most people think of beautiful makeup and clothes when they think of beauty. This is a bit of a misconception because to be beautiful cosmetics and a beautiful dress are not enough. There are several other rules of attractiveness besides makeup.


You can get to know them below:

1. Start with hot water and finish with cold water every time you wash your face so that it does not lose its youthfulness. This is a kind of gymnastic exercise for the skin of the face and prevents wrinkles. Remember: the bigger the difference between hot and cold water, the better. But this exercise is not suitable for people with sensitive skin.

2. According to data, almonds strengthen memory. If you add a little almond oil to a glass of milk every day before going to bed, you will soon notice that your memory is much better than before. In addition, almond oil can be prepared at home. To do this, peel the almonds, grind them and put water with sugar on them.

3. Excess weight is very dangerous for health. Today, every second newspaper, magazine, and internet site advise on losing weight. The most effective way to lose weight is to eat less and move more. Therefore, do not give up on walking and limit yourself to fruits for dinner.

4. Psychologists say that 30 is the most dangerous age for women. It is at this age that women are at increased risk of depression. The reason for this can be different. Someone who did not get an education and started a family is upset when he realizes that by this age he cannot do anything and is completely dependent, someone else is depressed because he has a career and did not start a family until that time. So, to overcome the fear of turning 30, women are advised to look at life differently and make sure that everything is still ahead.

5. They say that red fruits and vegetables raise the mood. Orange colors increase cheerfulness. Blondes overcome laziness. Dark blue helps to overcome depression.

6. Lemon water helps to eliminate shine and other problems that are characteristic of oily skin. It whitens the skin of the face and removes various blemishes. Experts recommend mixing lemon juice with plain water for such treatments. Otherwise, it can have a negative effect.

7. Many people think that pasta is fattening. Actually, this is a mistake. 100 grams of pasta contains only 13% protein, and the starch contained in it is quickly digested. Pasta helps you lose weight, not fat.

8. If you don't want your nails to turn yellow, apply a special liquid for nails before applying nail polish. Use less dark nail polish.

9. If you want others to rate you well, first increase your self-respect. For this, several times " I love myself!", "I deserve this job!" and repeat, "I can do these tasks perfectly." These seemingly simple words will improve your mood and boost your self-confidence in a short period.

10. Grey, black and white are the ideal colors for clothes, they go with all kinds of colors and even help to bring out the color of old clothes.

11. Sugar is the most necessary product for a woman's body. But using it too much can cause all kinds of problems. Eat more fruits to feed the body with the right amount of sugar. For example, lemons contain more sugar than strawberries.

12. A woman would not be able to live a healthy life if she looked like a Barbie doll. To prove this, scientists from the Ministry of Health in the United States conducted research. They made a large doll to test the parameters of "Barbie" on a living person. It was determined that the height of such a woman should be 170 cm, weight 50 kg, chest circumference 99 cm, and waist 45 cm. It turns out that not all organs can fit in the body of a woman with this parameter. Therefore, without going out of your way to losing weight, the main thing is to be thankful that your health is in order. After all, this is the most precious gift.

13. If you want to emphasize the eyes more in makeup, paint your lips in a light color, if you want to emphasize the lips, choose light skin tones for the eyes.

14. Beauty requires sacrifice. Not just during pregnancy. Doctors advise pregnant women to put aside high-heeled shoes. If you follow this rule, you will protect yourself from radiculitis and neuralgia in the future.

15. A rose is not only a beauty but also a symbol of health. In the Middle Ages, Europeans used rose tincture to treat colds, toothaches, and oral diseases. Today, you can find rose oil on the shelves of pharmacies and some stores. Experts say that this oil strengthens memory and fights various inflammatory and viral diseases.

16. The skin of the neck is never oily (even if the skin of the face is oily). For this reason, it is better to choose a mask for the neck only for dry and normal skin.

17. Another rule of attractive appearance is to walk beautifully. Always keep your body straight when you walk. Even when walking fast, take small steps and never swing your arms.

18. "If you want to win, always smile," experts say. This sentence has a soul. If you want to be successful at work and in your personal life, don't forget to smile. It's always better to laugh than to sulk.
19. According to the data gathered around the world, men do not like women with bright colors. So, use more natural colored makeup products to flatter your partner. Remember, bright makeup is only for a party, not for everyday life.

20. A woman's best weapon is sincerity. Do not lose sincerity in any situation. This is especially necessary today.
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