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Advertising agencies are the driving force behind famous brands, as well as singers and actors, and the most prestigious ones earn millions of euros a year. If you have a talent for advertising and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, the activity of an advertising agency could offer you a rewarding career. And, while starting an advertising agency doesn't require specific training, it involves a thorough understanding of branding and marketing, as well as an acquisition of business principles. The steps below will help you start an advertising agency.


1, He worked for a few years at an advertising agency to learn the trade and get in touch with a range of interlocutors, especially clients. This will allow you to take part in many advertising campaigns, from start to finish, and increase your experience.

2, Establish the niche market you want to focus on.
Some advertising agencies specialize in the entertainment industry, while others specialize in promoting products and services.
Identify if you want to specialize in the organization of events, in the care of the image of television and radio personalities, in the production and distribution of marketing material, or in the sale of tickets. You could also offer all these services in one package if you have the right knowledge.

3, Find out about competing companies. If you have major advertising agencies in your area that deal with a specific industry, choose a niche that offers space for new players.

4, Create your business plan. This will not only serve as an initial project for your advertising agency but also as a reference tool to periodically check the company's performance. Include investment costs, new customer acquisition strategies, and potential revenue for the first 2 years.

5, Collect the money you need to start the advertising agency. At first you can safely work from home with a PC and a phone if you plan to visit customers.

6, Register your business in the Commercial Register at the Chamber of Commerce. In addition, you need a license from the municipality where you intend to carry out the activity. For a personal company, the opening of the VAT number is required.

7, Buy a laptop and mobile phone to use for commercial purposes.

8, Draw up a list of companies such as printers, restaurants, and agencies that deal with the organization of events and luxury car rentals.

9, Create a website with links to your profile on social networks so that customers can easily contact you.

10, Print business cards. Always carry them with you.

11, Promote your advertising agency to potential customers through emails, flyers, posters, and ads in trade or entertainment magazines.


Consider sponsoring charity events for more visibility.
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How to run a successful advertising agency

November 14, 2022 - Monday, 02:27 AM
Advertising agencies are the driving force behind famous brands, as well as singers and actors, »  
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