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Years later, are you still doing simple things? Is there no change in your work? If your answer is yes, then first ask yourself, are you changing? Or are you stuck in your shell?
Rules: Ask your close colleague or friend at work what is lacking in you and try to correct it. Otherwise, your non-verbal behavior and behavior will show not only your lack of self-confidence but also your inability to do what you're doing.

- Don't try to do everything yourself. The assistants and interns around you will manage to simply sift through the papers and put them in files without you, preferably you should do the visible and responsible work.

- Don't discuss your dreams and goals with your coworkers. If there is a job opening in your company that you want, tell your boss that you want it.

- You should always pay attention to your appearance. In winter, mud and dust on shoes or dirt under your nails can leave a bad impression on those around you.
- Don't leave work early. The more you sit at work, the more productive you will be, so don't rush home.

- Read, learn, and stay up-to-date with the latest news in your field.

- Share common interests. If you're talking to your boss, "I saw a girl at a conference today, she's a really good professional, maybe we'll need her in the future." Throw in general suggestions like By doing this, you show that you are thinking not only about yourself but also about the future of the company.

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