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Name: University College education in the USA

    University College education in the USA

  By the end of school, not all parents and students know where to go for further education. This is an important stage in the life of every young person, which determines the further path of development and success of an individual in society. Therefore, many Americans consider colleges to be one of the best options.


Studying in such a country is very dignified - it offers great opportunities. American universities and colleges have established themselves as some of the best educational institutions in the world. It is safe to say that almost every young person (and not only) dreams of studying in American colleges in 2022.

Since there are so many newcomers, student learning programs are designed specifically to be easier to understand for both native English speakers and non-natives alike.

The key benefits of going to state universities to consider are:

   ▪ The dignity of learning;
   ▪ The teaching diploma is mentioned in all countries;
   ▪ The college has a special course and a professional direction for any profession.
   ▪ Employers around the world give preference to employees who graduated from a higher
   ▪ Education institution in the United States.
   ▪ Finding a job by profession is not difficult.
   ▪ Living and working in the states or living in Europe has job prospects.


  It is noteworthy that in the ranking of the best universities, American educational institutions have occupied 15 places in the top twenty, and this is impressive.

   ● General information about USA universities

  In the states, there are more than 4,000 higher educational institutions in various directions in the education system. If in our country there is a big difference between universities, colleges, and institutes, then in this country there is no significant difference. From all these types of institutions, bachelors, masters, and doctors of sciences come. You will be able to get higher education in all educational institutions.

  The only difference between them is the number and size of students. The university consists of several colleges. College, in our opinion, is like a faculty. Such a faculty may include many functions in this area. Any university in the US is called a college, even if it isn't.

 ▪ All colleges are divided into types of education:

  ▪ 2-year
  ▪ 4-year

  Secondary special education is obtained at the end of two years of study in college. It is enough to work as a service staff with special skills, for example, a nurse, or a teacher. It is cheaper to study in such institutions, especially for the locals of the same state. Such institutions are called community colleges, they are also municipal, and are sponsored by the local budget.

If you wish, you can enter college for a third year together with a four-year degree and earn a bachelor's degree. At the same time, the ranking of the number of students in any individual college remains:

  ▪ Up to 1500 students - small
  ▪ Up to 5,000 students are secondary.

   ● The school year begins in August and ends in April or May

  It is also interesting to note that there are many specialized institutions in the United States where students are selected not only based on knowledge but also based on other criteria. For example, there are universities in California and Indiana that accept only men, and in Texas, only one Catholic can enter Notre Dame University.


 ▪ What are the opportunities for education in the states?

In addition to quality education, studying in this country can provide additional opportunities for the student.

 ▪ Benefits in terms of tuition fees

  ▪ Any of the sports (especially if the student participates in competition between colleges)
  ▪ Music, art, dance, or theater (participates in community service and initiates university life)
  ▪ Research and discoveries


   What is needed most is not only a good education but also his vigilance and dedication. For those who study hard and get good grades, there is also a discount on the results of the first semester. Concessions can be expressed in the following ways.

   ▪ Payment discount
   ▪ Grants
   ▪ Scholarship amount
   ▪ Free education

   ● Work and study

    All foreign students, as well as Russians, open an F1 visa, which can be used to study and work. That is, it is possible to combine work and study. You can work in your free time. Only a college can offer multiple vacancies. In summer you can work full time. But don't forget that reading is important.

After successful completion, you can apply for a decent job. It is worth noting that a foreigner is given one more year of legal residence in the country so that a person can find a job and change his status in the United States.

Video tour of the Boston University Campus

   ● When to start?

    Before going to college, it is important to consider all options and realistic possibilities. Some institutions have very high requirements for visiting citizens, but there are also institutions that any Russian student with average data can get into.

You still need to decide where the applicant wants to go because the list of American colleges is huge. To get started, choose a direction that interests you. Medical properties are very popular. There is a demand for such specialists in public education both in the corners of the world and in the United States itself.

Admission to almost all universities is real, but there are exceptions. For example, a military school gladly accepts American citizens, but foreigners may not always be allowed to receive such an education. This is because some specialties also teach subjects that fall under state secrets.

College entrance
The easiest way is to go to college with a 2-year degree. There is no need to know English on the surface. Institutions have specialized courses that help foreign students learn the language faster to understand the subjects taught. Russians are widely represented, so the language can be mastered very quickly.

It is important to note that the lack of communication with local speakers may affect the test. Even those who are confident in their abilities cannot get points. The results are issued in the TOEFL certificate, which confirms the level of knowledge of the language.

A college admission will be considered upon submission of the following documents.

Certificate (Notarized) with an application translated into English;
Features of the recommendation of teachers;
Certified copy of the first page of the passport;
Parental permission (underage);
Quote from sponsor letter and sponsor account or quote from applicant account, minimum $10,000.
Letter of recommendation (why you want to enroll in an educational institution in the USA);
TOEFL certificate.

Financial solvency must be proven, as you must have enough money to pay for a year of study and more money for room and board. All documents must be submitted six months before admission.

Letter of recommendation prepared by the applicant. In the letter, he must explain why this particular profession, this particular college, suits him. The material benefit is negligible.

A certificate of English proficiency will show a special score, the required amount can be obtained directly from the representatives of the college to which you are going to apply.

How much does it cost to study?
The community college will be cheaper in the United States. Such an institution exists in almost every city. The cheapest of these will be USD 5,000 a year. The average pay for a year of study can be in the range of -10 8-10 thousand.

Even the citizens of this country choose to study at a college in the USA to save money and then enroll in the third year of a renowned university. Subsequent years can only be free if the student demonstrates good knowledge or other qualities.

At the same time, no matter where you go, there is an opportunity to distribute money evenly throughout the school year, as well as receive assistance from the Foundation.

But that's not all. You also need to know how much it costs to live in a hostel, and it is best to find out about the real costs, the cost of food and other things from our students who study there.

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