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Name: Features of the phone that you didnt know
Each phone has several features unknown to its owner. Club "Kluber" announced some of these unknown possibilities that can be used in case of emergency. In particular, you can dial
"112" in case of an emergency outside the communication range.


The phone will then start searching for emergency numbers available in the area.

This number is valid in all countries of the world. It can be dialed
even when the device is locked. In addition, the phone can also be used when car keys are left in the vehicle and spare keys are left at home. If such a situation arises,
when calling someone's cell phone at home, you must keep a distance
of 30 centimeters between your mobile device and the car door.

The person at home brings the spare key closer to their mobile device, presses the
car unlock button on it, and as a result, the car opens. The distance from the house to the car does not matter. To find out the serial number of the phone, dial the combination * #06#.
Then a 15-digit number will appear on the screen. This code is given separately for each phone and cannot be repeated on any other mobile device. Enter this number in the appropriate place
and writing it down is not without benefits. Because,
for example, if your phone is stolen,
if you contact the operator and give the code, he will lock your phone.
In this case, even if the SIM card is replaced,
it will not be possible to use the device.

Even if you can't return your phone, you can be
sure that no one is using
it. Maybe you can return

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