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What is the relationship between land and water? It is known that the surface of the globe consists of a group of water bodies, in addition to many forms of multiple lands, where each of them has an important role on the surface of the globe, in order to work on organizing the environment and the interaction of its many components, and then the relationship between land and water is as follows:


✔ The relationship between land and water is historical, they cannot be separated, and despite this interrelated relationship, water bodies are constantly hardened on land in several exceptional circumstances.

✔ The origin of this relationship dates back many times because the planet Earth represents the only planet suitable for living, as it consists of many water bodies that have a major role in many processes contributing to the formation of the earth's surface, in order to be able to provide all the elements of life, and therefore the planet Earth is different from the rest of the other planets.

✔ The planet Earth also contains many land places, through which different living organisms can live on the surface of these places and form their own life suitable for their nature.

✔ In addition to water bodies that contribute to the completion of various vital processes, and through the integration of these features of land and water, life continues on the planet.

Types of water bodies

It is worth noting that the area of water bodies represents about 71% of the total area of the planet, and there are several types of these bodies, some of which are drinkable called fresh water, and saltwater bodies, as follows:

Water bodies that are suitable for drinking water
Where it is called fresh water, is water that is used for many purposes necessary for the continuation of life, such as cooking, drinking, and many other life activities, and freshwater is the water for river water as well as groundwater, which is located underground as well as rainwater, so it is considered fresh water where it can be used and stored.

Saltwater bodies

There is another type of water body, which is salt water, and these bodies include seas, gulfs, oceans, and many forms of salt water, which we sometimes resort to and turn into fresh water.

The importance of water bodies

Water bodies in all their forms have an important and essential role in achieving balance in temperatures, as these bodies contribute to regulating various temperatures, in addition to the most important role of these bodies as they are housing for many marine organisms, which benefit from them in several fields and activities, so these bodies are the main housing for these organisms, and we cannot overlook the role of these water bodies in the continuation of human life, as they provide many sources of livelihood and benefit to humans, where Man uses water for drinking as well as in cooking processes, in addition to many kinds of seafood that humans benefit from through water bodies.

What are the factors that affect this soil water?

After we explained in the previous paragraph the importance of water bodies, we will also explain through the current paragraph, what are the factors that affect soil water, as there are many factors that affect soil water, as follows:

Type of clay: There are many types of clay that are produced based on water retention in the soil, as there are many types depending on the amount of water found in the soil.
Soil density: There is a close relationship between soil density and humidity, when the density of the soil increases, the humidity decreases in this case, but if the soil density is fragile and light, the degree of soil moisture increases significantly.
Soil depth: There is a relationship between the amount of water available to plants grown in this soil, the greater the depth of soil, which helps to save more water.
Temperature: The temperature is related to humidity, as the temperature decreases, the colder the weather increases, which works to retain moisture inside the soil.
Salt content and quantity: Many studies and research have proven that the water that reaches the plant planted inside the soil, decreases significantly when the salt percentage increases, but when the salt decreases, and its percentage, the water reaching the plant increases.
Organic matter in the soil: The actual percentage of organic matter in the soil contributes to the difference in the percentage of water warming of the soil, when the percentage of organic water increases, the water retention automatically rises, but when organic matter decreases, this helps to reduce the percentage of water warming.
Soil structure: Soils with strong and effective pores help to play the primary role in promoting water retention.
Soil texture: When the soil texture is effective, this leads to a large porous area for the soil, as this helps to make the soil dirtier due to the retention that occurs in the water.

The actual distribution of land on the surface of the earth

It is worth noting that the largest percentage of land areas is found in the northern part of the globe, along with many areas in the northern part, and the land areas are concentrated in the following areas:

North America: North America is one of the largest villages on earth, as it is the third continent in terms of the land side in it, equivalent to an area of about 9.45 million miles, and North America is located in the bisect of the globe, and its actual area is estimated at 24.7 million kilometers.

The continent of Europe: The continent of Europe is located in the northern part of the globe, with an area of about 10.18 million kilometers, and the land areas in it are about 3.39 million miles, due to the fact that this continent enjoys great environmental diversity, as there are many bodies of water, plateaus, mountains, and other natural phenomena.

Asia: Asia is one of the largest villages on the planet, with an actual area of 44.58 million kilometers, and most of it is located in the northern part, and therefore the continent of Asia enjoys more wildland places than other continents.

The continent of Africa: It is the only continent that is divided into two halves, due to its presence on the equator, as it is made up of about 54 countries, due to the division that happened to this continent, which made this country divided into 32 countries in the northern part of the equator, and the rest of the countries are located in the southern part of the equator, which made the countries in the north have many land and land areas, more than the countries located in the southern part of the equator.

South American continent: The South American continent is considered one of the continents that are located on the southern side of the globe, which made it have a large proportion of water bodies, more than land areas, and part of the South American continent, which is located in the northern part, is about 1.78 million kilometers.
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