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There is an opinion that blurriness, grazing and other “fictional effects” in an adult are not a flaw, but his personal feature, a “zest”. Is it so? Is it necessary to teach a child to pronounce all sounds correctly from childhood? The speech therapist and voice and speech expert explain.


Many people remember the hero Rolan Bykov from the Soviet TV movie "For Family Circumstances" - a speech therapist who does not pronounce half the sounds.

The episode about “the little girl Lenochka” and “Koikogo street” always causes sincere laughter from the viewer. After all, a burry speech therapist is an oxymoron. But if earlier it was impossible to imagine grazing and lisping TV announcers and actors, now this is quite the norm.

We have long been accustomed to the non-ideal speech of presenters, bloggers, and actors - TV star Nika Strizhak, actor Ivan Okhlobystin, writer Yevgeny Grishkovets, who performs solo performances, brightly grazes presenter Andrei Dovgopol, there are speech features, there are many examples.

Is it really that important - does a person have an ideal speech, does he pronounce all the sounds correctly? How does this affect the development of personality, character, and success in life? "Doctor Peter" discussed these issues with experts.

A speech therapist is a sought-after profession

- Now there are more and more speech disorders in children,- Anastasia Novikova, a speech pathologist, told Doctor Peter. - This is due to the emergence of a large number of factors affecting the development of modern children.

Reasons why children speak incorrectly

Children learn speech by imitating others, and the sound of modern cartoons often leaves much to be desired.

Adults often strive to simplify and shorten their speech - and children do the same.

Children communicate with gestures, and parents understand them. This leads to the fact that the motivation to speak in babies is reduced - and the norms of sound pronunciation are acquired later.

The number of bilingual children is on the rise, leading to confusion about the language systems of each language.

- In fact, some violations of sound pronunciation in children can go away on their own. For example, replacing “R” with “L” at the age of 4.5 years can be attributed to the age norm, and it is likely that the child will outgrow this, says the speech therapist. - But the “throat” (burr sound) at the same age the child will definitely not outgrow - and every year it will only fix the distorted sound in speech.

Does burr prevent you from becoming successful?

The brain is the main organ in the human body. Speech disorders as such cannot affect his work, but can create difficulties in mastering the material, communication, and realization of the personality, Anastasia Novikova explains.

If a child hears and pronounces sounds incorrectly, then this can prevent him from becoming an excellent student in the Russian language at school, affect his self-esteem, and ruin relationships with peers, the expert believe.

- If children have disorders of the pronunciation side of speech and special phonemic hearing, then this can lead to difficult communication in oral speech, and errors in written speech. Undoubtedly, it affects learning (difficulties arise)and interaction with peers and teachers,” says Anastasia Novikova. - If the problem is not solved, speech disorders will persist into adulthood, a person may develop self-doubt, fear of public speaking, and difficulties in implementation in the professional field may appear.

"It's not always bad!"

“As for blurriness, when a person does not pronounce the sound “R”, this is not always a bad thing,” Svetlana Dembitskaya, voice and speech coach, is sure. - Of course, ideally, a person needs to speak beautifully and correctly. But there are times when burr becomes a hallmark of a person.

The expert draws attention to the fact that difficulties in pronouncing the sound “R” in a child often arise due to the fact that the frenulum under the tongue is short and not elastic enough.

“If the parents hoped that the problem would resolve itself, then they are mistaken,” says Svetlana Dembitskaya. - In adulthood, it is more difficult to correct this defect. Exercise may no longer help, and you will have to use the services of an orthodontist to trim the frenulum.

But if a person does not feel discomfort from blurriness, they don’t make fun of him, they don’t poke “non-ideal” at him, then with this zest in his speech he can easily grow into a successful adult, the expert is sure.

- Some people become public with a burr, and such a defect even gives them an additional charm and an element of recognition, - Svetlana Dembitskaya notes. —But that's more of an exception than the rule. - Much depends on the strength of mind, confidence, and charisma of a person.

Speak right

- Generally, you need to speak correctly and beautifully. This gives more chances to get a good, highly paid position, not to be a complex person, but to become famous and public and not be afraid to show up and speak in front of any audience,” the speech coach believes. Many parents worry when their child is diagnosed with a speech delay. This is not a sentence, but rather a signal to act! Everything is being worked out, and the child will go to school in a regular class. But you need not miss the moment, but engage with specialists.
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