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There are many complaints about today's youth - young guys and girls live in goblin mode, sit in computers, they are unambitious, indifferent to career growth, and are completely unprepared to strain. Why does it happen? The expert explains.


Today's youth live in goblin mode. Such a phrase is even called the phrase of the year - 2023. It well describes the state of the majority of young people who are already 20-25 years old. They are not at all interested in a career, they do not want routine work on a tight schedule and rather agree to work self-employed for not very much money than drive across the city to the office to work from nine to six for a possible promotion.

Doctor Peter discussed with an expert why the current generation, while continuing to balance between society's expectations and their own interests, still does not put career first.

This is the base, or Let's start with the basics

- In order to understand what factors become a kind of catalyst for such behavior among young people, it is necessary to slightly open the door to their world and finally determine for yourself - what is it, this modern generation? - says Svetlana Molchanova, teacher of social psychology at the RANEPA. —Those who are now between 20 and 35 years old are called generation Y - millennials and Z - zoomers. They are open, inquisitive, and freedom-loving, and easily learn new technologies. Living in a global world with constantly changing information, the guys are not used to focusing on one thing. In life, they turn on the scroll mode.

Today, young people born at the end of the 20th century are ready to sacrifice high salaries in exchange for personal comfort and emotional stability, the expert notes. Their reluctance to devote their lives to their careers has become a global phenomenon.

- American blogger Katherine Berry, who belongs to this generation and caused a powerful wave of criticism of conditional fathers for laziness and lack of ambition, believes that modern youth does not reject work and really wants to work. It’s just that they no longer strive to build a career – one that at some point, for some reason, began to determine the status of a person in society,” says Svetlana Molchanova.

Connections are everything

Boys and girls, for example, at the age of 25 are very sensitive to the state of their self-esteem. Working at the initial steps of the career ladder, especially in the absence of practical experience, can lower it.

Avoiding all responsibility, young people decide to follow the path of least resistance and, making a choice, not in favor of highly qualified professions, they go to work as couriers, waiters, drivers, and freelancers without obligations,” the specialist says.

According to Svetlana Molchanova, young people who think in such categories do not believe that a person is able to achieve something in life through hard work and realize himself not only as a person but also as a professional in a certain field.

- I would venture to suggest that young men and women cover up the banal lack of ambition with the installation: “Everything is decided by connections. If there are no necessary acquaintances, then it is pointless to work hard and build a career. To acquire useful contacts, having first established yourself, is generally from the realm of fantasy, the expert says.

It turns out that standing behind the screen of an ephemeral problem is easier than rethinking your views, peeling them off the husk, and starting to do something.

If you look from the other side

Today's employers are a sophisticated type of people. They are extremely selective in choosing the very ideal employee, so it is important for them: is the employee energetic, is he full of enthusiasm to reach new heights, does his eyes burn when performing daily tasks?

According to Svetlana Molchanova, not only employers are changing their perception of employees. Young professionals aged 18-35 are now advocating an increase in the number of so-called turquoise companies and perceive the boss not as a patron, but as part of the team.

“At a time when young professionals are faced with a lack of motivation from leadership, avenues for self-expression, and freedom to make decisions, they boldly put their dreams of a big career on hold. Sometimes it happens that employees who claim personal boundaries become uncomfortable, the expert believes.

In this way, Today, the younger generation does not want to share the attitudes about work that dominated their parents.

- For young people, it should not become the only thing in life. The task of work, first of all, is to bring such income and broadcast such emotions that will allow a person to feel satisfied with his life, - notes Svetlana Molchanova.
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