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Name: American Eagle Jeddah Branches Locations
American Eagle Company is one of the largest companies specializing in the field of clothing trading, which was established a long time ago in the United States of America, the company has been able to occupy a great position due to the quality of its products and providing all the needs of the family of women's and men's clothing and children's clothing, in addition to accessories, bags, and shoes.


The company was established starting in 1977 in Pittsburgh and initially targeted the age group starting from the age of fifteen until the end of twenty and then expanded to provide all the needs of the company, the company has many branches within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

American Eagle Jeddah Branches Locations

Abha: There is one branch of American Eagle in Tabuk in the Al-Rashed Complex.
Tabuk: There is one branch of the company in Al Hokair Mall.
Red Sea Branch: Among the branches that provide a lot of offers is located in the shopping center and another branch in the Tahlia shopping center.
Al Andalus Branch: There is a branch of American Eagle in Al Andalus Shopping Center as well as a branch in Heraa International Market in Jeddah.

American Eagle discounts in Jeddah

American Eagle branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provide you with a lot of discounts and various discounts on all its products, especially within its branches in Jeddah, in times of occasions and holidays, in addition to inventory liquidation times in order to ship new products and attract a larger segment of new customers, and the company is keen to provide you with the best modern products that are in line with all tastes, and you can also get many discounts, ranging from 25 to 50% in many times.

When are discounts available at American Eagle Jeddah?

Discounts offers and discounts are usually offered by American Eagle Jeddah in all its branches within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the end of the season, which is usually in mid-August, for summer clothes and the discount continues until the beginning of the winter clothing offering, as for the date of discounts scheduled for the winter season, it starts in February and the discount value reaches 50%.

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