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icon Name: Personal experience 28-year-old Natalia Masterman told and showed how she lost 40 kg
The girl dropped an impressive four dozen kilograms in less than a year. She told how she managed to decide to change her life and what exactly helped her lose weight.


28-year-old Natalia Masterman from the US city of Tacoma literally blew up social networks with an incredible transformation. In less than a year, she lost an extra 40 kg of weight without exhausting herself with exhausting diets.

Natalya admitted that before deciding to make changes in her life, she never thought about what and when she eats. So, during the day the girl could eat normally, but in the evening she often broke down. Natalia calls them "emotional gluttons."

“During the day I ate little, and in the evening I pounced on fatty and fried, fast food, I ate packs of chocolate cookies, at one time could “destroy” up to 6 thousand kilocalories,—told the girl her weight loss story to the New York Post. “It didn’t really bother me until I got hit hard by the social media haters.”

Magic kick

Natalya said that she often posted photos on the blog and at some point began to regularly receive comments and questions from haters in the style: "Let's stop thinking that obesity is the norm" When are you going to buy a gym membership?”

“When they began to call me “fat”, I lost heart,” recalls Natalia. - I really was unhappy with my body, I felt that I didn’t look the way I wanted, and I was especially infuriated by my fat belly and greasy hands, but every day I told myself that I would deal with this problem tomorrow.

How to lose weight

“At first I decided that I would try to lose weight, but I wouldn’t worry if it didn’t work out,” the girl says. —I did not go on strict diets and did not exhaust myself with exercises, I started by reviewing my diet and began to observe the changes.

When Natalia saw the result, not even the most obvious to others, she really liked it.

“I carefully watched my body, although it was not very fast, it was changing, and this inspired me, ” Natalia said. “At some point, I just realized that I can no longer live as before, and I am ready to forget about my bad habits once and for all. And then she started to lose weight even faster.

Impressive result

In less than a year, the girl dropped 40 kg. The main products in Natalia's diet now are a lot of protein foods, fiber, vegetables, and fruits.

— I replaced pizza and chips with oatmeal with fruit and lean meat with vegetables. I have completely changed my eating habits. Sometimes I really crave sweets, and I don’t deny myself, I just cut calories at other meals and eat cookies, a bagel, or a candy bar, she explained.

Before starting to lose weight, Natalya did not go to the gym and did not play sports. Now she does cardio or strength training almost every day.

“I like that I can wear a bikini and not worry about looking fat, and in general, going to a clothing store is no longer a stressful event for me,” the girl jokes. - And what was going on in social networks when I posted a photo "before and after" losing weight? People began to write that I can be proud of myself and that I am a real “queen”.

Be consistent and don't stop

Masterman advises anyone who decides to change and lose weight to be patient and not stop, even if you have to "start several times."

- To make progress must realize that there is no way to do without discomfort in this matter, but you need to find in it something motivating, not humiliating, - says Natalia. - Just start with at least something small, and most importantly - be aware of why and where you are going, what you will become after.
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