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Zhao Xiaojun

Department experts join time: 2013/2/18 9:47:42 Click: 8621


     Zhao Xiaojun





job title

   Deputy Chief Physician

Visiting time

超声科 Monday to Saturday morning in the ultrasound department

Personal profile       Member of the Imaging Branch of Chifeng Medical Association, graduated from Baotou Medical College, and successively studied in Beijing Haidian Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Peking University First Hospital, Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, and Yunnan Prenatal Diagnosis Center. Obtained the International Fetal Medicine Foundation (FMF) fetal ultrasound diagnosis international certification.

Professional expertise: Ultrasound diagnosis of obstetrics and gynecology, breast ultrasound, and craniocerebral ultrasound of the newborn. In Chifeng area, he took the lead in conducting prenatal ultrasound screening and diagnosis of fetal malformations.

contact number        0476-8356487    

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