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Zhao Wei

Department experts join time: 2013/2/18 9:46:13 Click: 7242


     Zhao Wei


    Child Health Division



job title

     主任医师 Deputy Chief Physician

Visiting time

Regular expert clinics, 42-day pediatric clinics

Personal profile       Deputy Chairman of the Paediatrics and Technology Committee Graduated from the Department of Clinical Medicine of Baotou Medical College. He has studied in the Department of Neonatal, Early Education Center, Peking University Third Hospital, Beijing Haidian District Maternal and Child Health Hospital, and visited Guangzhou, Xiamen, Hubei, and Shenyang. Rich clinical work experience, proficient in diagnosis and treatment of common and frequently-occurring pediatric diseases, and good at treating neonatal diseases. It is unique in early childhood education and brain potential development. Many papers have been published in professional journals at all levels in the province.

contact number            0476-8356119 0476-8352632

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