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Chifeng Maternity and Child Health Care Family Planning Service Center successfully held the 2019 municipal child care institution health care training course

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, 进一步规范和加强幼儿园的卫生保健工作, 11 12 日, 2019 年市直托幼机构卫生保健工作培训班在市妇幼保健计划生育服务中心一楼孕妇学校顺利举办。 In order to protect the physical and mental health of preschool children, and further standardize and strengthen the health care work in kindergartens, on November 12 , the 2019 municipal health care training courses for child care institutions in the city were successfully held at the Maternity School on the first floor of the City Maternal and Child Health Care Family Planning Service Center. 8 所托幼机构分管园长、保健医等 20 余人参加了培训班学习。 More than 20 people from the childcare institutions in charge of the 8 childcare institutions directly under the city attended the training class. Qin Baixin, Deputy Chief of the Department of Maternal and Child Health of the Municipal Health and Health Committee, attended the meeting.

President Liu Yunqiu of the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Care and Family Planning Service Center addressed the meeting and said that the training aims to improve the quality of health care work of child care institutions directly under the city, create a good health care environment for young children, and ensure their physical and mental health. It also explains the importance of this training, and emphasizes that only by improving the professional level of kindergarten health workers, can we do a good job in kindergarten children's health care, ensure the physical and mental health of kindergarten children, and meet parents' requirements for the quality of children's health. At the same time, I hope that in the future, childcare institutions will continue to actively support and cooperate with the hospital's health care management work, integrate education and education, and work together for the health of young children.

Vice President Niu Chunjian presided over the meeting and gave a welcome speech. Thank you for coming to our hospital for training. I hope you will cherish this learning opportunity and work hard to improve your business quality. The City Maternal and Child Health Hospital will work with child care institutions to create first-class standards. Kindergartens, strive to create autonomous kindergartens.

位知名妇幼保健专家围绕当前托幼机构卫生保健工作内容,为市直托幼机构保健医生及相关人员进行系统培训。 The training class specially invited eight well-known experts in maternity and child health care in our hospital to conduct systematic training for the health care doctors and related personnel of the municipal child care institutions around the current health care work of child care institutions. Among them, Niu Chunjian, the dean, interpreted the "Health Care Work Standards for Child Care Institutions" in detail, and Director Zhao Wei of the Department of Pediatric Health Care Systemized for "Children's Accidental Injury Prevention", "Child Health Examination Management" and "Preschool Children's Physical Health and Sports Recommendations" The explanation was given by Zhang Chunjie, Chief of the Department of Sensing and Controlling, on "Sanitation and Disinfection, Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases". 外生殖器保健要点》、《托幼机构工作人员体检及常见病处理》、《托幼机构儿童眼保健》、《儿童常见心理异常》、《怎样帮助孩子拥有健康口腔环境》等主题精彩授课。 In addition, relevant experts also discussed "Children's Diet Management", "Girls' Health - Essentials of External Genital Health", "Physical Examination and Treatment of Common Diseases in Child Care Institutions", "Eye Care for Children in Child Care Institutions", "Common Psychological Abnormalities in Children" , "How to help children have a healthy oral environment" and other wonderful lectures. At the same time, the introduction and system demonstration of the childcare institution management information system were added to allow the health care doctors to actually operate the system, which will help the future exchange of childcare information between hospitals and kindergartens. After the participants have passed the study training and passed the examination, they will be issued a "Health Care Knowledge Training Certificate" for child care institutions.

Through this training, the health care management of childcare institutions has been strengthened, the business knowledge level and service skills of health care personnel in childcare institutions have been effectively improved, and the health care work of childcare institutions has been further improved to ensure the physical and mental health of collective children Health has laid a solid foundation.

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