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In 2018, the city's pregnant school teachers' lectures, demonstrations, exchanges and selection activities were successfully concluded

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9 13 日,赤峰市妇幼保健计划生育服务中心举办了“ 2018 年全市孕妇学校老师授课展示交流推选活动”。 In order to fully implement the National Health and Health Commission's "Mother and Infant Safety Action Plan", strengthen maternal health care and health education during pregnancy and maternity, and also stimulate the enthusiasm of teachers in pregnant women's schools in the city, optimize maternal and infant education courses for pregnant women and improve the quality of teaching On September 13 , the Chifeng Maternity and Child Health Care Family Planning Service Center held the " 2018 City Maternity School Teachers' Teaching, Demonstration, Exchange and Selection Activity". Qin Baixin, director of the Maternal and Child Health Division of Chifeng City Health and Family Planning Commission, dean Liu Yunqiu and dean Niu Chunjian of Chifeng Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning Service Center attended the event. 18 名孕妇学校老师进行了授课和才艺展示。 Eighteen pregnant woman school teachers from thirteen maternal and child health institutions in the city and two comprehensive medical institutions of Ningcheng County Hospital and Linxi County Hospital gave lectures and talent displays.

First of all, Dean Liu Yunqiu gave a speech on the lecture demonstration. She pointed out that maternal and child health involves thousands of households, and standardized maternal and child health education can help pregnant women to fully grasp the knowledge of maternal and child health care, improve compliance and self-health care ability, promote natural childbirth, reduce complications, and reduce pregnancy. Important measures for maternal mortality, infant mortality and the incidence of birth defects. It is hoped that this competition will be used as an opportunity to promote the construction of the competition, strengthen the construction of pregnant women's schools, promote the overall improvement of the city's capacity for maternal and child health education, and continuously meet the growing demand for health education for the masses, and ultimately achieve a comprehensive and well-off society for the people.

Then Director Qin Baixin read the rules of the game. Next, the teachers gave a wonderful lecture. Contents include bone and tooth health throughout the life cycle, bones and exercise during pregnancy, nutrition management during pregnancy, and weight management during pregnancy and pregnancy. The teachers in the lectures expressed their applause and the effective interaction of teaching and entertainment, which caused bursts of applause on the scene.

Many contestants participated in the contest. Eventually, Gong Xue, from the Maternal and Child Health Care and Family Planning Service Center of Chifeng City, won the first prize of the competition for her solid teaching skills, interesting language, clear teaching content, and warm interaction. . Qiao Yawei from the Maternal and Child Health Center of Yuanbao District and Zhang Yingbo from the Songshan Maternal and Child Health Center won the second prize. Li Na of Ningcheng Maternal and Child Health Family Planning Service Center, Li Jie of Ningcheng County Hospital, Huang Yunfei and Bawei Zuoqi Maternal and Child Health Family Planning Service Center won the third prize. Wait for the prize. Director Qin Baixin and Deputy Dean Niu Chunjian, as judges, commented on the players from various aspects and put forward many valuable suggestions. The award certificates and prizes were then jointly awarded to the winners.

The success of this lecture and demonstration activity not only effectively improved the level of maternal and child health education in the city, but also brought more practical and effective professional knowledge and more scientific and timely management and intervention for more pregnant women and families to benefit the entire society.

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