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"Don't forget your original heart, keep your mission in mind" series of activities-Chifeng Maternity and Child Health Care Family Planning Service Center "Singing the Party's Grace, Singing a New Era" Celebration of the 97th anniversary of the founding of the party, the cultural performance and commendation ceremony of the workers' staff successfully concluded

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97 周年, 6 28 日下午,赤峰市妇幼保健计划生育服务中心全体党员干部群众隆重举行“高歌颂党恩,唱响新时代” 庆祝建党 97 周年职工文艺汇演暨表彰大会。 In order to warmly celebrate the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China , all members of the party and cadres of Chifeng Maternity and Child Health Care and Family Planning Service Center held a grand celebration of the party's grace and a new era to celebrate the 97th anniversary of the founding of the party. . The director of the Party Committee Office of Chifeng City Health Planning Committee Xue Yong and Comrade Bai Ru attended the conference.

Secretary Liu Yunqiu made an important speech at the meeting. She said that all party members and cadres must not forget their original intentions, keep their mission in mind, always love the great CPC, firmly support the leadership of the CPC, and be firm with the party forever. 充分发挥党员干部的先锋模范作用和引领作用,牢固树立“四个意识”,把握“四种形态”,在干事创业中争做忠诚干净担当的党员干部、思想上与党同心,行动上与党同步,全院凝心聚力共谋发展,形成“事有人做、人有事做、事得其人、人得其事”的良好发展势头。 All party members and cadres in the hospital must seriously publicize and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and take Xi Jinping's thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era as a guide to action, praise the party's grace, bathe the party's grace, and consciously enhance the sense of glory for the health services of the majority of women and children in the city. Sense of mission , give full play to the pioneering exemplary role and leading role of party members and cadres, firmly establish the "four consciousnesses", grasp the "four forms", and strive to be loyal and clean party members and cadres who are ideologically and conscientiously acting in the company's entrepreneurship. Synchronizing with the party, the whole hospital concentrated on joint development and formed a good development momentum of "doing what people do, doing what people do, getting what they do, and getting what they do".

Comrade Kong Fanming, deputy secretary of the party branch of the solemn party institute, led the new party member, Comrade Ma Haili, to take the oath of joining the party, and led all party members to review the party's oath, so that all party members always remember to follow the party forever, and bear the responsibility of working hard and wholeheartedly to protect the health and safety of mothers and infants And mission.

2018年度优秀共产党员、优秀医务工作者及医德医风先进集体的决定》,希望受到表彰的同志和集体要不负众望,戒骄戒躁,再接再厉,鼓足干劲,用榜样的力量来影响和带动全院职工立足本职、爱岗敬业、无私奉献,全心全意为妇女儿童的健康服务。 Vice President Niu Chunjian read the "Decision of the Chifeng Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning Service Center to Commend the 2017-2018 Excellent Communist Party Members, Outstanding Medical Workers, and Advanced Groups of Medical Ethics and Medical Ethics", hoping that the comrades and groups receiving the recognition will live up to expectations. Stop arrogance and irritability, make persistent efforts, build up enthusiasm, and use the power of role models to influence and drive the staff of the hospital to take up their posts, love their posts, dedicate themselves, and give themselves out, and serve the health of women and children wholeheartedly.

个演唱组按照抽签前后顺序参加了激烈的角逐,党支部书记刘云秋同志为鼓舞职工士气带头参加大合唱的节目。 The judges of the competition consisted of two leaders of the Health and Family Planning Commission, two deputy deans of our hospital, and the highly respected pediatric expert Zhang Yaochen. The five singing groups of the four major health departments and administrative functions participated in the fierce competition in the order of the lottery. The party branch Secretary Liu Yunqiu took the lead in participating in the chorus program to encourage morale of workers. The contestants sang "Singing the Motherland", "Red Flags", "The Yellow River Chorus", "National", and "Unity is Power" in unison with their sincere feelings for the party's infinite love and good wishes for the motherland. The chorus, meanwhile, expresses the infinite love for the great Chinese Communist Party in solo, duet, small chorus, recitation and other forms. Finally, it ended successfully with "I love you, the great Chinese Communist Party" read by the League branch.

个节目参赛选手们经过紧张而激烈的角逐,最终合唱比赛由妇女保健计划生育组摘得桂冠,儿童保健组孕产保健组获得二等奖,医技辅佐组和行政职能组获得三等奖;其它形式的比赛节目,检验科张凌芳、海航获得第一名;中医儿科娜仁高娃获得第二名;财务科郭青青获得第三名。 The five choir contestants and other nine program contestants competed intensely and fiercely. The final choir contest was won by the women's health and family planning group, the child health group's maternal health group won the second prize, The administrative function team won the third prize; in other forms of competition programs, Zhang Lingfang and HNA of the inspection department won the first place; second place of the Chinese medicine pediatrics Narengaowa; and second place of the financial department Guo Qingqing.

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