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Chifeng Maternity and Child Health Family Planning Service Center launched a series of activities on the theme of caring for children and caring for their health

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号文件“关于开展庆祝'六一'国际儿童节活动的通知”要求,为广大儿童办好事、办实事,赤峰市妇幼保健计划生育服务中心于61 3日开展了“关爱儿童成长、呵护儿童健康”主题系列活动。 In order to celebrate the International Children's Day on June 1, in accordance with the requirements of Shi Zhi Zhi Gong Zi [2018] No. 7 "Notice on the Activities of Celebrating International Children's Day on June 1", do good and practical things for children The Health and Family Planning Service Center launched a series of themed activities of “Caring for Children's Growth and Protecting Children's Health” from June 1st to 3rd .

Activity 1: Conduct in-hospital free consultation and health education activities

1日至3日,我院开展了院内义诊活动及健康教育活动。 From June 1st to 3rd , our hospital carried out in-patient free consultation activities and health education activities. 折优惠。 During the free consultation, all children who come to the hospital are exempt from registered fees and provide free health consultation and dietary nutrition guidance services; children's routine physical examinations, psychological sandboxes, parent-child classes and other items are 30% to 70 % off. 人,接诊儿童233人次,减免各项费用4465元。 A total of 16 pediatric, paediatric specialists and related medical staff were selected for the free consultation, and 233 children were admitted , and various expenses were reduced or exempted by 4,465 yuan.

Activity 2: Launch a large-scale theme parent-child outdoor activity

2日上午,我院组织了大型主题亲子户外活动。 With the support of the Municipal Women's Work Committee, our hospital organized a large-scale theme parent-child outdoor activity in the morning of June 2 . The event showcased the style of various families of children and women in the city through various game links. Games such as "train rumbling, climbing cloth bridges, rolling rice balls, throwing handkerchiefs" allow parents and children to fully interact with the environment, experience happy games in the interaction, and feel a strong sense of parenthood. The activity reached its climax in the handkerchief game, and parents and babies participated one after another, allowing the babies to regain the memories of their parents' childhood while being close to nature. At the end of the event, the teacher gave a special Lunar New Year gift to the babies and took a group photo.

Activity 3: Conducting health education lectures

6日,我院开展了“新生儿家庭护理”为主题的健康教育知识讲座,主讲人为儿童保健科赵薇主任。 On June 6 , our hospital held a health education lecture on the theme of "family care for newborns", which was chaired by Zhao Wei, director of the Department of Child Health. Director Zhao focused on the subject and patiently explained the relevant knowledge to pregnant mother and Bao mother. After the class, everyone said that they had learned a lot.

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