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Chifeng Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning Service Center (Chifeng Maternal and Child Health Hospital) was founded in 1963. Its predecessor was Zhaowudameng Maternal and Child Health Center. After more than 50 years of hard work, it has now developed into a The city's leading women's and children's health care units with distinctive characteristics, complete equipment and strong technical force. We always adhere to the service tenet of "Mother Safety, Children First", adhere to health care as the center, and guarantee reproductive health as the purpose. Health care is combined with clinical, individual and group are combined, and Chinese medicine and western medicine are combined to provide pregnancy for women and children. Preventive health care projects such as maternity health care, women's health care, and child health care, as well as basic medical services that are closely related to women's and children's health, and strive to make the majority of women and children optimistic about the disease, not sick, and less sick, and do well with "health as the center" Women's life-cycle health services and child health services.
The hospital provides clinical services such as gynecology, obstetrics, and pediatrics. In addition, a series of distinctive maternal and child health clinics have been opened, including maternity health clinics (pre-pregnancy health department, prenatal examination clinics, high-risk pregnancy clinics, pregnant women's schools, prenatal screening and counseling and genetic counseling clinics, nutrition and weight during pregnancy) Management, health education clinic, midwife clinic, postpartum rehabilitation clinic), child health clinic (family parenting and parenting skills experience room, growth and height promotion room, language assessment and training room, milk analysis and feeding instruction room, sensory integration training Room, parent-child paradise, sand table room, 42-day clinic, high-risk child evaluation room, bone density room, hearing screening room, vision screening room, Chinese medicine pediatrics, women's health clinic (adolescent health department, menopausal health department, Chinese medicine gynecology, Breast Health Clinic), Family Planning Clinic, Cervical Clinic, etc.
The hospital has won "Baby-friendly Hospital", "Top Ten Voluntary Service Organizations in the Health and Health Industry of the Region", "Advanced District of Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning Technical Services in the Region", "May 1 Labor Award of Chifeng City" and "Chifeng Women's Volunteer Service Unit" "," The Best Organization for Chifeng City Leifeng Volunteer Service "," Municipal Civilization Unit "," Youth Civilization "," Civilized Civilization Post "," Professional Construction of Advanced Collectives "," Quality Service Window "," Advanced Basic Level Party organizations "and other honorary titles.
The hospital will take safety first, technology first, and service first as its goals, deepen reforms, innovate and develop, strictly meet first-class standards, and continuously improve the quality of health care services. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Newborn Disease Screening Chifeng Branch Center, The "two centers" of the Chifeng sub-center of prenatal diagnosis are technical support, and strive to reduce the incidence of maternal, infant mortality and birth defects, improve the quality of the birth population, and better escort women and children in the city.
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